About Fiona

Fiona is the Founder, President and CEO of MESH Experience, a market research consultancy that understands that all experiences matter - not just the ones marketers pay for. 

No one understands why experiences matter more than Fiona. She first noted the importance of experiences over 10 years ago, while working as a Planning Director on brands like Mercedes-Benz. She quickly realized that the research she was working with wasn't painting a complete picture;  it wasn't simply the TV ad that was leading people to buy premium cars, but the visits to dealerships, seeing online reviews and looking at your neighbor's new car.  All these experiences were building brand perception and influencing purchase decisions - yet no one was measuring them! Fiona set out to do just that and in 2006, she founded MESH Experience.

In the years since she founded MESH, experiences have only gained a greater role in influencing purchasing decisions. Now, with ten years of expertise in capturing millions of real-time experiences, MESH has become an industry leader in helping brands understand the most impactful way to invest their marketing budget and more directly increase their market share.

When she's not traveling to the other MESH offices in London and Sao Paulo or traveling around the globe to speak at conferences, Fiona enjoys visiting art galleries and theatrical performances in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where she currently resides with her husband.  

Awards & Recognition

  • Research Magazine’s 50 Faces to Watch, listed in the entrepreneurs section 2007
  • Winner MRS Best New Thinking 2005 and 2008, New Consumer Insights 2008 and 2014, Best Paper 2008, Runner up for Presidents Prize/Grand Prix 2014 for Sustainable Research
  • MESH cited by Media Week as one of the Next Ten Facebooks.  Insight insiders described MESH as “fascinatingly different” and “Millward Brown orthodoxy busting” 2010
  • Harvard Business Review cited Real-time Experience Tracking as "a new tool (that) radically improves marketing research."
  • UK Innovate, finalist for 2 out of 5 categories, including Best Partnership for Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Cranfield School of Management, 2015


  • MESH Experience, Founder, President and Chief Experience Officer, 2006 to date
  • Lowe Direct and Claydon Heeley, Planning Director, 1998-2006
  • Leo Burnett and DMB&B, Account Planner, 1994-8
  • Spillers Foods, Marketing Manager, 1986-1994
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical, Sales Representative, 1984-6